Jr. TBF Founders Pack (Lamb) – 5 month qualifying


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Jr. TBF Founders Pack (Lamb) – 5 month qualifying

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A brand-new addition to Kannaway packs offer, Founders Packs are a perfect way to keep a steady supply of TBF by Kannaway products for your pet! Jr. TBF Founders Pack contains a year’s supply of TBF by Kannaway premium pet food, plus 4 bottles of Pet Gold Oil to add hemp-derived CBD to your best-friends routine! The TBF by Kannaway Jr. Founders Pack is a great option for new Kannaway Brand Ambassadors getting started with Kannaway with a focus on the Pet Care industry. This Jr. Founders Pack is designed to let a new Brand Ambassador plan their Kannaway business with peace of mind knowing exactly when their monthly products will arrive*. Getting started with this Value Pack gives newly enrolled Brand Ambassadors a number of additional benefits: -Over €100 in savings! -1 Share in the TBF by Kannaway Founders Pool -5 Months of product orders included -+4 Free Pet Gold -Receive BV in 12 monthly installments -FastStart-qualifying with 30 days to achieve:-enroll 3 BAs, Customers or Preferred Customers with any Value Pack or Founders Pack within your first 30 days and become FastStart Qualified! -TBF by Kannaway Founders Pool. By purchasing this pack, you gain a share of TBF by Kannaway revenue.* Kannaway and TBF have agreed to reserve 1% of all the net sales revenue generated by the sale of TBF by Kannaway products, and pay out annually to those in the Founders Pool. There is a limited number of shares available. Each Founders Pack purchased equals 1 share in the pool, with a maximum of 2 shares per Brand Ambassador account. TBF by Kannaway Founders Packs are not available in Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and the United Kingdom. Sales of Founders Packs only grant the regular DSC based on BV, they do not grant triple DSC. Requirements: To stay active in TBF by Kannaway Founders Pool, each participant must be active each month with 110 PV. Note that if you miss the requirement once, you will drop out of the Founders Pool. Your monthly products will be shipped to your address as a SmartShip or a regular order for the next 11 months after placing the initial order: MONTH 1 (initial order) MONTH 2 MONTH 3 MONTH 4 MONTH 5 MONTH 6 MONTH 7 MONTH 8 MONTH 9 MONTH 10 MONTH 11 MONTH 12 PRODUCTS SHIPPED THAT MONTH 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 4 x Pet Gold 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) 1 x Lamb & Rice (15kg) BV THAT MONTH 110 110 110 110 110 – – – – – – – We recommend setting your monthly order of pre-paid products as a SmartShip order, otherwise, you will have to set up a regular order with the above-mentioned products every month for the next 11 months after the initial purchase.To confirm your monthly order, after purchasing this Founders Pack please add your pre-paid items to your monthly order. To make it easier, we’ve created a separate category for you: please visit https://kannaway.com/shop/categories/82,0,pre-paid-sr-founder.html (visible only after a successful purchase of the Founders Pack) and add the following PRE-PAID items to your cart: 1 x Lamb&Rice (5x3kg). Regular shipping fees will apply.

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